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Who is Affordable Choice Rugs?

My name is Marty Grosse and my wife and I are the owners of Affordable Choice Rugs. We are located right next to Affordable Choice Mattress here in San Antonio Texas. My wife (LInda) and I have been in the home furnishings industry for over 40 years and have worked in all aspects of home furnishings. We opened Affordable Choice Mattress back in 2013 and have steadily grown our business. So how did Affordable Choice Rugs come to be?

We are always looking for new ideas and together we go to all the major Home Furnishings Trade shows in High Point, NC and Las Vegas. To make the long story short, we stumbled into a Rug Supplier at a recent tradeshow and walked out purchasing some special buy area rugs. We put them in our shop and they sold briskly. Thus the idea of Affordable Choice Rugs was born with the same idea in mind. To offer outstanding rug values with a Lower Overhead & Lower Price approach. Plus, rugs are fashion oriented and we both enjoy the colors/designs of home furnishings. We hope you will visit Affordable Choice Rugs to find some "decor for YOUR floor".

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